Frigid Wind/Hot Blood

You read it here first.

Zombies are in. Blissful ignorance is out.

Zombie crawls are in. Happy hours are out.

Wendell Berry is in. Wending balefully is out.

8 1/2 is in. 9 is out.

Going out is in. Staying in is out.

Sandwiches are in. Sandwiches are never out.

Witness the  THREE sandwich stories in today’s Washington Post, January 6 Food Section.

Brisket That’s A Cut Above


Sandwiches: Cork’s Veggie Version Has Bite


Sandwiches: The Other Masterpiece from Philadelphia

Yes, I got an iPhone for Chrismas. Was already hooked on Facebook. I am a crawling zombie, my livingdead fingers crawling across the keyboards and touchscreens, scratching and pecking and tapping meaningless, reductionist communications.

Not like this blog. No no no. For this oh-so-deadly-alive blog I scratch my head, hunt and peck, and tap my toes compulsively to keep the blood flowing from the veins of my subdadaedconscience to this moldy-coldy screen.

January feels clean and clear and wide open. The Christmas tree knows something is up cause I stopped watering it day before yesterday. My sentiment that Christmas is best when seen in the riew view mirror is all too clear.

So bloody cold out we have to take our sandwiches hot and liquid. Bread soup all around. Warm the bowls please.


2 responses to “Frigid Wind/Hot Blood

  1. Hey girl!

    Happy new year! I saw those sandwiches and had to go take an aspirin because I couldn’t run right out and eat one. Just remembered Sam’s favorite sandwich invention when he was around 5: grapes and mayo on whole wheat. As my mom used to say, “You can’t starve on that!”

  2. Just one aspirin? I took a coupla ativan and a bowl of ice cream.
    Grapes, mayo and whole wheat sounds very balanced – fruit, grain, egg, oil. What a smaaaart young man.

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