Toast Poast XXIX

Spoon? Fork? Spoon? Fork? Spork? Foon?

Wall-e with cheese on rye

Toaster? Printer? Toaster? Printer?

Toaster Looks and Acts Like a Printer

Except for the actual printing part.

Looks a bit like Wall-e’s distant cousin.

Concepted by Othmar Muehlebach, this toaster makes toast. How about that! You can load it up with blank slices and they feed through one at a time.

If it works anything like my printer, the toast will come out either cold or charred, crusts mutilated, crumb torn. And it will make shrieking, wailing, nerve-jangling noises all the while. Now, that is not a nice remark from me. This gadget won an award in Switzerland, so it must be cool as a cucumber, calm, collected, sleek and soft-spoken.

Sounds like fun. Call in the reserves. The toast is dropping!


2 responses to “Toast Poast XXIX

  1. Hmmm. With this printer, a jam could be a good thing….

  2. Every woman should be lucky enough to have such a brilliant bf.

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