It’ll Cost Ya

My son loves to read. By way of saying that he loves to read comic books. Or graphic novels. But not chapter books. Shhhhh.

He comes by it honestly. My sisters and I scrambled for the “Green Sheet” in the Milwaukee Journal when I was a kid. Four pages of comics. The girls of Apartment 3-G made breakfast table headlines throughout high school. Rex Morgan, MD? Breaking news.

The biggest club in the world? Being a child. Done worrying about that and committed to carrying on the “funnies” legacy. The second biggest club in the world? Being a parent.

The most secret of all the secret societies? The secret society of things you never mention about your child. As in, he won’t read chapter books. No, you wouldn’t want to mention that to anyone. Like saying, I have always (some weird thing), and the person says, “You know, I never noticed that about you, but now that you mention it…” Doh!

Competitive parenting. Must not be new, shoulda seen it coming, but nope, nope, it had to be pointed out to me. Am I winning? Am I losing? Am I in the running, or am I just running?


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