Clearing out the backblog….

Tossing around ideas, I often say, “Dumb or good?”  You get far enough around on the dumb continuum and it osmoses into good. Lio is dumb and good. Me, sometimes dumb, sometimes good. Sometimes lost, sometimes found.

This Bottle Rockets song takes me OUT and leaves me both starved and sated.

The Bottle Rockets, Sometimes Found

And my tribute, a chimera of the original. A curtsy, deep and sincerely heartfelt.

Other things I have said many times with heartfelt sincerity.
“Needs salt.”
“Not my type.”
“It is so nice to be driven.”

Not that I have not eaten my share of words. “Not my type” is regularly so far around the continuum that it slaps me in the face with self-recognition. I’ve eaten enough of my own well-salted words to sink a submarine to the ocean floor and leave it there.


2 responses to “Com(w)ic(h)s

  1. Oozing with heartfelt sincerity and a ray of sunlight through the clouds.

  2. The sunshine is coming! Guitar sunshine!

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