In Your Future I See a …… Chipped Chopped

My sister Mara sent me sleuthing on a chipped chopped. I am intrigued.

Her informant, Ginger, provided these details:

  • A restaurant (or was it a grocery?) invented chipped chopped.
  • Super-thin-cut spicy ham meant as a sandwich filling. Cut so thin that it’s practically transparent
  • Normally sold plain (no barbeque sauce).
  • Available everywhere now in Pittsburgh, like in grocery stores and delis – and church lunches.
  • Cheese and lettuce optional
  • A bit of sniffing around turned up this claim:

  • Isaly’s invented the chipped chopped. (Inventor stories almost always seem apocryphal to me, but you never know.)

All info still in raw form. No agent sources or facts have been checked. MUST go out into the field for confirmation.

What to look for in the wild:

The Hot Brown entices me too. For that I have plans. The dashboard crystal ball shows the Brown Hotel in my near future. Sandwich Safari to Louisville. Gonna put that wich on my life list.


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