Peel Me a Carrot!

When did we start saying working “from” home and why? I work “at” home. Is it to differentiate between actual housework and actual billable-hour work?

As I was saying, my assistant is generous, thoughtful, hilarious AND, she makes lunch. A lunch that will grease your lips and make you squeal. Alls I hafta do is say,  “Make me us a sandwich, wouldya?” Oh my, I could get used to this.

Being the youngest, I never had a brother or sister to order about. From what I hear, bad siblingship in your youth can bite you back or, at the very least, be punctured, popped, burst, when age levels us all into adults. Barbara knows. I heard the story. Her younger brother, now an adult for countless years,  confessed, with great pleasure, that when 12-year-old Barb commanded, “PEEL ME A CARROT”, he did. Alone in the kitchen, he stuffed all the pieces in his mouth, swished them around, then passed them on to his dear, darling sister. She ate them while he smirked.

There is nothing that makes me quite as happy as having an assistant. Better than a little brother any day.


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