It’s Not Cheese and It’s Not Steak. What’s Not to Like?

There are many things about which I have a shortage of information and an excess of opinion. On cheesesteaks my jury is still out. Plenty of information, but still hazy in the opinion department. That’s okay, there are more than enough opinions to go around. In the age of instant online proselytizing we are bombarded with jump-to-conclusion remarks based on little or mis information. On cheesesteaks…I need to gather more experience (as in hit more cheesesteak joints), create a spreadsheet (as in put a napkin in my lap), and hone my tastes before holding forth.DC’s got JJ’s now, a new spot on the U Street corridor. My journey continued there last Saturday. Could swear I heard that they were using Amoroso’s rolls from Philadelphia, but could not verify that when I was there with Along-for-the-Ride Heidi. Excellent fries. Hot sauce for giants.Cheez Whiz. Lots of changes breaking through at 14th and U. Truly becoming a renewed city, DC is, some by accident and some by Design.


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