Joe “Ham Sandwich” Casemento

A bit of touching news from the Lunch Encounter archives.

Katrina’s Lives Lost: Joseph Casamento, 1925-2005
Submitted By: N.O.V.A November 2005
Source: Times Picayune 11-11-2005
The night we went to Casemento’s during Jazz Fest 2002, Teddy was two and with no agenda of his own. Where we went, he went, gladly. That boy ate meals four, five, six times a day in New Orleans, morning, noon and night. Sometimes it was near to midnight, as it was this night, and we caught Casemento’s at the end of their evening service. Ate up and got out. The place gleams, floor to ceiling with shiny white tile, just right for an oysteria. We gleamed too, faces shiny with appetite and pleasure.

Joe Casemento lived his entire life above the restaurant that bears his family’s name.

“He had a ham sandwich every night,” said Gerdes, wife of C.J. Gerdes, Casamento’s nephew and an owner of the family restaurant. “And then he had some cookies and his ice cream.”

Teddy does look a bit shell-shocked. Over the few days we were there, we all ate our own weight in oysters, po-boys and bread pudding. No exceptions.

RIP Joe Casemento.

The restaurant lives on. Go!


2 responses to “Joe “Ham Sandwich” Casemento

  1. correresponent cynthia

    This was fun to see! I think I gained 8 pounds on that trip. No kidding. It was one of the biggest eating sprees of my life.

    I love the article (and I might have been the one who sent it to you). The ham sandwich and cookies and ice cream reminds me of Jon.

    Ahh New Orleans. No place like it. Remember that we are going to JazzFest when the kids are older. (Or maybe we should go sooner than that and we’ll leave em at home–that might be an even better idea).

  2. midnight snack

    That was a fantastic trip. Remember eating a huge lunch at Uglesich’s at 3, then a huge dinner at Herbsaint at 5? We were impressive.

    You did send me this article – just took me a long time to post it. I love it.

    I am fine with leaving the kids home and going to Jazz Fest. The better for staying out late, my dear. Let’s go! 2011?

    Thanks for the lovely comment, correresponent cynthia.

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