Rockin’ Espana

The Lunch Encounter is pleased to announce,


and his sandwich highlights from the Del Lords spring 2010 tour of Spain.

The first hint of goodness, jamon y queso on a croissant on the plane.

Surf and turf combo of open-faced sandwiches, jamon Iberico and a salmon “coca”.

Couple more cocas…. fabulous spanish tuna on left and a tortilla with pepper on the right. In Spain tortilla is an egg dish
with potatoes in it.

This was a fabulous pork cutlet sandwich with a tomato sauce with potatoes.

The ‘sandwich mixto’,  Serrano ham and some manchego cheese. These are everywhere and always fantastic on the fresh bread.

Mini Boccadillo. Another variation on the fabulous theme of Jamon.

This was called a Sandwich Royale but I deemed it the “Madrid Club” it had ham,
cheese, white asperegus, lettuce tomato and a fried egg on it.

I have never been to Spain. Tonight after work I stopped by my friend Silvia’s, who is from Majorca, and she sliced me a wedge of her warm tortilla while her husband poured me a tumbler of wine. Then we talked Spanish sandwiches and they told me about tortilla espana on bread. I love the confidence it takes to put something simple on bread and leave it alone. The ingredients must be top notch.

Thank you, Roscoe, for the delicious vicarious tour. While I have never been to Spain, I have seen the Del Lords, twice, at the Club 9:30 a few years ago. Delicious.


One response to “Rockin’ Espana

  1. Making me hungry, bow bow bow – Eric takes some great food pics

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