Toast Poast Number…Uh…Uh….Uh….

I don’t get it.

Will have to ask the 10-year-old who clipped it to also explain it. We have plenty of time for talking this spring break week. Two days looking down and two days looking up – Grand Canyon and Red Rocks.

He is still talking to me, although I wondered a bit after receiving a note late last week that read, “I hate you, Mom…..for now.” Sending him to bed previous to midnight is so utterly hateable. Hahaha. Yup, he is still talking to me, 24/7.

April in DC looks like a sandwich-packed month. On my to-do list:


G Street Food

Lebanese Butcher and Market with I-Do-My-Best-to-Suit-Myself-Cynthia (They have some crazy lamb sandwiches. Lamb liver and heart sandwich? Lamb brain sandwich?)

My Ngoc post from Heather Mull in Pittsburgh

Highlands Cafe post from Along-for-the-Ride-Hei7di + Generation-Jennifer-Jenny



2 responses to “Toast Poast Number…Uh…Uh….Uh….

  1. suit-myself-cindy

    Do you really not get it? It’s like the water and ice dispensers on the outside of the fridge. I think it’s hilarious.

    One reason I think it’s hilarious is this. When we were kids, my four siblings and I referred to the fridges that dispensed water and ice as “rich people’s refrigerators.” In fact, we still do.

    My fridge just died. My sister asked if I was going to get a “rich person’s refrigerator.” The answer is a resounding NO, for a variety of reasons including the fact that my kitchen will only hold a 15.5 cubic foot refrigerator. Do you know what the most common size for fridges is? 21 to 24 cubic feet. The 15 foot ones don’t come with “rich people” features.

    Besides that, I was never sold on the water and ice dispensers. Now, a butter dispenser on the other hand…

  2. To me a “rich person’s refrigerator” would be very small because a rich person (at least if I were one) would have time to shop every day and only buy super high quality, very small things. Fancy cheese, super high fat butter, teeny tiny brightly colored fruit – all extremely perishable so you’d have to eat em up in a day or two, in time to make room for a fresh haul.

    Yes, or I mean no, or rather yes, I did not get it, but now I do. Thank you. Some kind of mental block, no doubt due to the fact that refrigerators did not come with “rich people” features when I was a kid. We had those aluminum ice trays that screeched when the dividers were wrenched back. And we didn’t drink water, just milk.

    So now I am having a laugh. Thanks for that. Yes, I will take a butter dispenser and also one that drops warm, fresh eggs individually, preceded by a cackle.

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