Let your fingers do the walking.

Let’s toast the end of tax season with Rick’s Picks pickles! We’re here to give you a well deserved break with FREE SHIPPING! Just purchase a minimum of four jars of our mouthwatering pickles, and we’ll ship to you anywhere in the contiguous US absolutely free. It’s that simple. Now is the time to treat your loved ones – that includes you! – to some wholesome pickled goodness. You can choose from one of our awesome giftpacks or mix and match as you prefer. As long as you order at least four jars, shipping is on the house.

Please remember that our free shipping offer ends Saturday, April 17 at midnight EST.

Don’t forget to include coupon code taxbreak when you check out.

Order your pickles today!


Rick’s Picks

Feelin’ all patriotic, taxes paid. Phrugal Phanny is the new Phat Cat. Free shipping? I’m all over it like pickle juice on the front page. I owe, I owe, so off to work I went. Home now, home sweet home, and lining up some sour rewards in the form of peeeeckles!


2 responses to “Let your fingers do the walking.

  1. suit-myself-cindy

    I am very alarmed by the proposed FDA regulations on salt. I fear that that the government may soon outlaw pickles entirely. I want the government out of my salt intake. Can we get Sarah Palin on this? Do we need “pickle parties”??? Marches on Washington where we carry unconcealed pickles?

    Citizens unite against big government tyranny.

  2. Ooooh, a pickle party. Count me in! I don’t want the government in my salt intake too – would make for very uncomfortable digestion.

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