Feast Feats

The letter read,
Dear Aunt Barb,
Today was a grat day.

The bf, his kids, my kid and I had grat day out in Charlottesville, VA. Monticello, the beloved and inventive home of Thomas Jefferson is just outside of Charlottesville, and a visit to Monticello precipitated the outing, obstensibly. Thomas Jefferson is cool and all, author of the Declaration of Independence (can you imagine?) and all, the man who brought ice cream to the United States, founder of the University of Virginia with it’s graciously porticoed dwellings, innovative farmer, and the man who had the instinct to bring vanilla from Paris to Virginia.  Yup, Jefferson is cool and all, all 6 feet 2 and all….but we hadda have lunch!


Yup, it was a grat day, way back when. Earlier this year, I think, 2010. Now we are headed towards 2011 and a whole new world of lunch encounters. Declaring independence indeed.


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