Shameless Self Promotion Number 1600

BGR brings to mind GangBusteRs.

BUSTERS fellas! Move over! Big, dripping burgers on brioche buns.

Got a funny feeling they are poised for franchising, ready to pounce.

Cover photo by Scott Suchman. Styling by Yours Truly

A request for halfa shake and 15 fries did not seem to upset em. No Bon Qui Qui at this counter, and security did not strong arm me. Just call me Donna, Prima Donna.

A long time ago, at the Tastee Diner one night late with Phil and Kelly, after Twist and Shout, Phil ordered gravy fries with a hot fudge sundae, the extreme version of fries and a shake. His gravy was cooling like mad and congealing, and the ice cream was melting like mad and turning into a puddle, and Phil was eating away madly at them both , head flying back and forth. Man against nature.

This was one of those days when “You must have a fun job!” rang true. Yahue!


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