A Summer of Love

Make This the Summer of Sammie

A summer of love between slices.

Summer is not like summer used to be, and this is not a case of “it never was.” It was. Life races by and I want to grab it and pin it to the mat and, in the profound words of Ms. Skutley, “I’d like to pin it to the mat just long enough to inspect what the hell it is! Then surgically remove about ¾ of it so we can luxuriate in the rest.”

Most of the time my life feels completely out of balance and off-kilter. Either way – too little work or way too much. It has been like this for a long time, maybe so long that this IS the balance, and I have just not been paying attention. Or I have been trying so hard to pin it down, that it has wriggled away like jello against hot mashed potatoes.

Someone at work today said, I try to follow the Dalai Lama. I asked my assistant, “Do you follow the Dalai Lama?” “Is he on Twitter?” she said. “Cause I am not on Twitter.”


2 responses to “A Summer of Love

  1. now i’m hungry. unoriginal, but i desire a midnight snack at 1237 am…..

  2. I would say that your time is totally original. Who wants a midnight snack at12:37? Only you. My craving usually hits at my favorite time 12:34.

    So great to see you! Have a wonderful time while you are off the map and call us when you return to the civilized world.

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