NY Tsandwich Tshenanigans – More Than You Would Ever Want to Know

Somehow I failed to identify our era as the golden age of sandwiches. Not in so many words, that is. When I started this blog I had no idea that a tsandwich tsunami would roar in, bringing an onslaught of salumerias, bakeries, pickle makers, cheesemongers and a grilled cheese bonanza. And that is just a drop in the bucket, so to speak. Sandwich smackdowns are tossing contestants into trees and sub wars are dividing families.

Leave it to the NY Times to feature Advanced Sandwich Construction, Sandwich Evolution and the Sandwich Register. Thank you, Liz, for turning me on to this deep, deep well of sandwich history, lore and competition.

Golden Era is, to my buttery brain, the era when margarine was a foreign substance, and known as oleo. White, greasy, and revolting without guise. In those days, in Wisconsin, the dairy state, butter was golden, and regulations required that oleo be packaged with yellow color on the side. A housewife had to knead the color in on her own. Mmmm, skin so soft. We were a butter only household, and it went on the inside of every sandwich. When did we drop that and why? Those darn health and food scientists have lead us astray. Butter reigns again in two thousand and ten.


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