Renegade Wren Rocks Rebel Heroes

If you read no further, read this: Find Rebel Heroes! Find them on Twitter and GO!

The authentic effort, dedication, humor, swagger and class is obvious. Rebel Heroes is a class attack.

We do want more heroes. Who do we have these days anyway? We must turn to lunch and its defendants.

From Sorry-Birds Ellen:
“Finally got a sandwich from Rebel Heroes, and finally am writing about it, ugh hectic summer life! I had their Cubano which was super tasty…loved the fresh bread and the pork and melted cheese hit the spot. Wren came along (of course) and cooed and oohed as I licked my lips. I think she is going to grow up and be a rebel! It’s lunchtime, off to find their truck again.”

I came upon Rebel Heroes one day unexpectedly, and was starved, and had a spare hour. Simultaneous opportunity and serendipity  blow me away. It can almost be too much. But it wasn’t. It was Righteous Pork Roast and a Vietnamese iced coffee. I do not know a drink that turns my blood into a super highway better than Vietnamese iced coffee. With EZPass at 400 mph.

Rebel rebel, your face is no mess, Wrenny.  You are a dish of a girl. Bubbling up all happy and tasty out of the sauce. My face met the Righteous Pork and was a righteous mess. And my hands and my lap, too. Perched there on a wall, with my rebel yellwich drip, drip, dripping. Aiiee, it was tasty. Those wiches are heroes. Let me emulate their bold, proud, streetwise goodness.


4 responses to “Renegade Wren Rocks Rebel Heroes

  1. Love the post almost as I love my girl! Rebel yell from a Wisconsin girl.

  2. I was there on Friday enjoying Tan’s awesome eats and sitting on the benches nearby. 🙂

  3. You were both there on Friday! I wish I had stopped. Sure is well done, isn’t it?

  4. Great post. Yum. I love the pic of your daughter! So incredibly cute.

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