Shameless Self Promotion Number 108

Tails Up!
According to a source as reliable as the horoscope, those born on December 24th, which is my birthdate, should be mindful of whether “the dog is wagging the tail, or the tail is wagging the dog.” No comment. When these sorts of experts hit the nail so hard on the head that the nail sinks through to China, it’s a bit freaky. My imaginary tail is one that wags so hard it takes me off my feet, clears coffee tables, and unsteadies me. Not quite to the point of toppling, but definitely to teetering.

The other day I had the pleasure of styling all these rockin’ dogs for theWashington Post Express. After a two-week vacation, this was the perfect job for re-entry. The online version does not show the credits so I will take care of shouting it.
MARGE ELY did the photography and LISA CHERKASKY did the styling.

For a food that’s the all-star of the American summer picnic, the hot dog often seems in need of an extreme makeover. Sure, dousing franks in ketchup, mustard and relish might be as patriotic as cheering for the Nationals. But there’s no reason to limit what you put on a dog to the old red, yellow and green standbys.

“The great thing about hot dogs? You can do so much with them,” says Red Apron Butchery’s Nathan Anda, who hearts Chicago-style dogs. To create a Windy City wiener, Anda insists on poppy-seed buns (preferably steamed) dressed with a salad bar’s worth of veggies (pickles, peppers, tomatoes, onions).

“Hot dogs are crowd-pleasers for both kids and adults,” says Katie Lee, author of “The Comfort Table” ($25, Simon Spotlight). “They’re perfect for groups. Everyone can customize their dog.” Lee sets up a bar full of different toppings, so each person can pick different combos, from simple mustard to a smorgasbord of sliced meats and cheeses.

So, whether you prep a Brit curry relish for a veggie bratwurst, saute onions for a sausage, or make your own mustard for a classic Oscar Mayer you-know-what, here are some ways to wag your dog.


One response to “Shameless Self Promotion Number 108

  1. Loved the photo of the chili dog with homemade cole slaw. When I was growing up, a friend’s mother used to make those for us. She called them Carolina Hot Dogs and they are my favorite! My husband, a Jersey boy, thought putting cole slaw on hot dogs (not to mention barbecue) was highly questionable, but I think he’s come around.

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