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Sandwich thief leaves cash behind.

I think Subway might take more issue with this accompanying photo of what appears to be a bacon buddy then they would to the “sandwich thief.” Image, after all, is everything, if you are Subway, where substance is ephemeral.
A burglar took sandwiches, but left the store's cash behind

US police have said a burglar broke into a Subway store and proceeded to help himself to a selection of cold cuts to make sandwiches, but left the store’s cash behind.

Sergeant Lori Lavorato said the thief got inside the shop in Iowa through a drive-up window on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Ms Lavorato added that the burglar made some sandwiches and took a significant amount of cold cut meats, bread and cookies, but that he failed to find the store’s cash, which was hidden.

Police have no suspects.

Well, of course he left the cash, he was a sandwich thief!!

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/breaking-news/offbeat/sandwich-thief-leaves-cash-behind-14819194.html#ixzz0oz0mE8qs

Another version, slight variation:

A burglar took sandwiches, but left the store’s cash behind

DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police are investigating a sandwich heist at a Subway restaurant.

Authorities say someone broke into the shop on Saturday night or Sunday morning and took a “substantial amount” of cold cut meats. They also took bread and cookies and made some sandwiches before they left.

No money was taken, and police didn’t offer an estimated value on the missing food.

Investigators believe the burglars broke in through the drive-up window and removed a security cage.

Police have no suspects.

A sandwich heist! Count me in. Count on me for no estimated value. Count down to cold cuts. Cold cuts are down for the count when it comes to a heist. Count me in. Count me down. I’m down with the heist! There’s no accounting for a person discounting, down counting, counting down on the estimated value of a cold cut heist. On no account!


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