Double Trouble

Introducing, unveiling, a post I started a while back, and it was so big and loopy and all over the place that I could not wrap it into a nice, neat post, or anything close to that. So I am posting it now anyway, because the KFC double down is not news anymore. Not today’s, not yesterday’s, not last week’s. You would have to time travel with a large amount of absolute technology to find the KFC sandwich that defies bread. Whatever.

Highlights include:
Industrial bacon and a sauce of unknown origin. In the hand, it feels like a greasy paperweight. This is not a guilty pleasure. More like an endurance test.
Too bad chewing isn’t better exercise.

If you can call a
double meat-patty a sandwich, rather than just a pile of food.

Springfield’s Horseshoe Sandwiches Deliver a Kick in the Gut
Illinois Capital Keeps Upping Caloric Ante; One Local Delicacy Equals Five Big Macs

by decent e » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:13 pm

I’ve eaten one or two of those. I mostly stayed away, but I knew people who would order them on a regular basis. This was mostly in southern Illinois. The horseshoe definitely made its way down toward St. Louis from Springfield, but I guess they’re still more common up that way.

Bread, meat, a pile of fries, all covered with cheese sauce pretty much describes the ones I saw. The meat could be almost anything though. Hamburger patty might’ve been the most common, but I even saw some kind of weird processed turkey being used – I guess that was supposed to be the “healthy” option!

by Buck Stopshere » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:47 pm

I guess the St. Louis “Slinger” is some derivative of the horseshoe.
Hamburger patty.
Hash Browns.
2 Eggs.
Covered with chili, grated cheese, and chopped onions.

decent e » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:59 pm

Never tried a Slinger. Even ate at the Eat-Rite and the Courtesy a time or two, but couldn’t bring myself to order one of those.

My favorite food monstrosity was a thing I found near the outskirts of Champaign, IL called a “Haystack”. If I remember right, it was a hamburger patty with cheese, covered with home fries, and then sausage gravy over the whole thing.

Yeah, looks like size matters when it comes to horseshoes.
Not so with Slingers.
They seem to be relatives in some way though.
I remember Mark Spencer tellin’ me about the
“Hot Hamburg”, from his native Vermont area.
Seemed like a distant relative, some kinda hamburger, open faced on white bread, with peas, brown gravy, and maybe somethin’ else?
Mashed potatoes?
I’m not even certain about the peas.
Maybe Creston could elaborate?
Slingers, Hot Hamburgs, Horseshoes.
All meals, fully covered in some kinda somethin’.
Mark Spencer fell madly for the Slinger, I remember one time I was on the road, as the “opening act”, with him and Jay Farrar, we went to a grocery store, bought the ingredients, and Mark made them, in a hotel room (that had a kitchen…), in Los Angeles, for a Super Bowl party we threw for ourselves.
We bought a Superbowl cake an’ everything.
There are photos of that party somewhere.
Just the 3 of us.
Probably within’ spittin’ distance of Andrea’s apartment, we were walkin’ distance from the Knitting Factory.
I remember we got on Mark’s computer, and tried to find some local inflatable Beer/Superbowl themed party chairs we could buy.
Never found any, but, we had SLINGERS!

decent e » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:52 am

Speaking of culinary monstrosities, remember when we were talking about the KFC sandwich that has a “bun” made of chicken? Well, its coming soon and its got a freakin’ countdown clock:

KFC’s Bacon Sandwich On Fried Chicken “Bread” Starts Killing People Nationwide April 12
The Consumerist

decent e » Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:41 am

Here’s another “sandwich monstrosity” I ran across online. Apparently inspired by something served at a restaurant in Virginia.
The Hamburger Fatty Melt, a Burger with Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as Its Bun

Hot Rod Girl Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:17 am

Ms. Snack, there is a restaurant/bar up the street from us whose menu is largely made up of grilled cheese sandwich variations. It’s called the 44th Ward Dinner Party. Overpriced, but tasty.

And they do understand the first rule of grilled cheese sandwiches, which is that they MUST be cut on the diagonal. PBJs, on the other hand, must be cut straight across. That’s just the way it is done.

KFC Double Down Success?


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