Toast Poast Number 117

many thanks to Russ Merbeth for the pocket toast teller toon.
where he got it at the drop of a slice – butter side up! – I will never know.

Toast has been on my mind lately for many, many reasons. Is it the quintessential comfort food? As much as I go to toast for nourishment and comfort, there are a few other foods that wrap their arms around me first when I am in need. That said, I tried out toast as a well-spring of nurturance, late night, needed something to sooth, and the toast delivered, stealthfully, quietly, a bit crunchy and a bit tender. I ordered it with butter on the side and was served buttered toast with a side of butter. What could lubricate a person’s warmth and inner peace more?


2 responses to “Toast Poast Number 117

  1. Toast a comfort food? I say thee nay, a thousand times nay. Toast was what you got when you were too sick to go to school because your stomach was upset.

  2. I don’t recall being allowed to stay home for something so minor : ) To this day I cannot stand 7-Up cause that is what we got for an upset stomach.

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