Did Somebody Say “Poutine”??

Thank you Sorry-Birds Ellen!

Who’s got time to work when there are food trucks to chase?

Wonky Fries = Poutine

Those of us holding Bucky Badger close to our fat-soaked hearts want to know, where does Eat Wonky get squeaky cheese then?? Curds? Curds? Got to get me some curds! Will they taste as good when the air does not smell like a summer lake? I’m guessing no, doncha know.

I’ll take a brandy old-fashioned and a beer chaser to wash it down. Ya hey.

(Not to burst my own great-lakes-size bubble, but that so-called squeaky cheese looks a heck of a lot like chopped up cheesesticks. Say it isn’t so.)


One response to “Did Somebody Say “Poutine”??

  1. I’m going to get to the bottom of where they source their curds and report back!

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