So Hot It’s Cool

We do love a pickle around here.

Doug’s fave tuna sandwich:
Tuna sandwiches are one of my all-time easy, healthy and tasty ‘wiches. I like mine spicy, so I add some chopped Hotties…lots of ’em. I munch on some Spears of Influence for extra pickle goodness!Rick’s Picks

The most perfect gift I ever gave was an extra large, red, plastic dogbowl with non-skid feet. The boyfriend I had then ate a lot, a real lot, and complained that my bowls were too small. The dogbowl, with its non-skid feet, did not run away from him on the enamel-top table either.

It was an everything bowl, and accommodated a full half box of cereal in the morning, a full four sandwiches worth of tuna salad at lunch. He liked his tuna salad spicy, too. Tuna and jarred salsa. Light tuna, not white, like us suburban-raised kids.

The sound of his spoon, scrape, scrape, scraping the bottom of that bowl, chasing milk, was my common early morning soundtrack in those days. I slept again after the muffled closing of the heavy, fireproof apartment door.


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