Shameless Self Promotion AGAIN

The Mitsitam Cookbook
The National Museum of the American Indian has a destination restaurant, Mitsitam, and I had the privilege of doing the styling for the Mitsitam Cookbook, shot last summer by Renee Comet. It was my favorite project for 2009 and now I am thrilled to have a copy in my hands.

The Urbanite talks about traditional food and the Mitsitam Cookbook. Same forum, different topic: FRY BREAD!

Slap a little thin sliced roasted venison between two salted fry bread saucers. Mmm. That’ll carry you through the day and into tomorrow.

It’s here! I got my advance copy. Gorgeous!


2 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion AGAIN

  1. It looks beautiful from that itsy sneak peek. Makes me want to brave the tourists and meter maids and head downtown for lunch.

  2. Thanks, Ellen. I have only eaten there once myself and really liked it. Want to go again soon.

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