Not Often Available Slinger-esque DAWG

On my Home-Away-From-Home-at-Home, The Bottle Rockets message board, HaldenSpoonwood posted:

This is not about a Slinger, per se, but I had this yesterday, and it was practically Slingerian in it’s monstrousness:

It’s a Mojomatics Legendary Cheez Dog. Let me see if I can remember the 14 ingredents:

1. Bun
2. Mayo on the bun
3. two slices of American Cheeze
4. Footlong dog, grilled.
5. onions
6. Two slices of bacon
7. Parmesan cheese
8. shredded cheddar cheese
9. hot sauce
10. Chili
11. Cheeze Whiz
13. sour cream
14. Crumbled Corn chips on top

I’m missing something. Anyway, it was damn good.

Then Decent e wrote:

I don’t know, I think they could’ve fit at least one more hot dog into that bun.
Where did you get that thing? Someplace in Chicago? Glad you survived to tell the tale.

Halden wrote:

This was my friend Mojo’s invention. It was consumed in Chicago, at the American Legion FDR Post 923 (Booster Fest!), which was a one-time event, with bands, etc…So it’s not often available

I had to ask him. The final ingredient was Nacho Cheese! From a big can!

It’s the big can that counts. Just what the heck IS nacho cheese? Gonna do some online sleuthing right now. The cheese will embalm your chips. The balm will eese your lips.


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