Selfless Promo Shametion

No, they are not sandwiches. When my clients say “Jump”, I jump. Jumping feels so good and all.

I had a business partner once and we were looking to open a restaurant. He did, in fact, open a restaurant, a very successful, rightly so, restaurant, Obelisk. It is the perfect restaurant.

Anyway, way back then we were looking at real estate. Everywhere. All over town. Looking for something unusual, something quietly spectacular that no one had noticed.

One afternoon I took him to see a long closed Greek diner in Alexandria, the Majestic. The parents of a high school friend of mine had owned it for many years. The glass had been covered with paper for a long, long time, and the secrets behind that paper intrigued me to the point of making me itch all over. We looked. At the glass, at the door, at the beautiful sign, the MAJESTIC.

The paper covered the glass to about 6 feet above the sidewalk. I jumped. Split second peek. A tease. I jumped again. Same tiny tease. “You gotta jump,” I said to my partner. “I don’t jump,” said he.


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