Toast Poast Number Various VIII

That Christoph Niemann is a genius. Clever too.

Thanks much to Mr. Toth for bringing this superb toast picture story to my attention. Everything you need, and more, is there, all around you. Let’s be honest here…I’m talking about myself. Everything I need, and more, much much much, more is all around me. Thank you holy rolling mother of toasters for the friends who point out life’s riches to me. Without the personal alerts I would be blind, trip hard and knock out my front teeth. Knock out my front teeth on life’s riches. What a shame that would be.

The people who surround me make me tangible. Without them/you I exist in theory only. I think therefore I am? Nah. iPhone therefore iAm? Nah. I am a herding creature and feel real when I press up against the crowd around me.

Thanks to Suits-Herself-Cindy for spotting me on the cover of the Times magazine and making me tangible.
See, there I was, waiting to be made actual through the recognition and visual editing of friendship. Call me shallow, call me callow, call me coreless. Nope, that’s not it. I’m here, all firm and strong and founded on a cornerstone. It’s the people about who bring you out of the stone, find the sculpture of you within the mineral, give you edges, boundaries, features. And tell you how to wear your hair. Cindy had the sense to give the girl who was masquerading as me a haircut. Snip, snip, she became me. Revealed.


2 responses to “Toast Poast Number Various VIII

  1. Rats, Cindy beat me to it! I was going to give you my copy of the NYTimes magazine this week at Close Knit. I thought the exact same thing…There’s Lisa 🙂

  2. Aaaw, I love that you noticed.

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