Teetering Meat Just Off the Jersey Pike

Sandwich Safari to Brooklyn for a Bloodshot showcase featuring…guess who??!! (just what IS the appropriate punctuation for the expression “guess who”? Is it a question? An exclamation? A command?)…The Bottle Rockets. We needed fuel for a night of five bands. This I have not seen before. FAMILY STYLE SANDWICHES! MOUNTAINS AND PEAKED MOUNTAINS OF MEAT. Harold’s New York Deli‘s smallest offering serves 1 to 3. 1 family that is, or 3 mountain size men.The sign says it is the biggest pickle bar in the world. Superior it is, no doubt. Have no basis of comparison, but will check pickelocity.com.A top tier pickle on my pickle bar – half dills. Half sours in my vernacular. And what is the other half? Extra bread on the pickle bar. Could not fathom why everyone was piling up on bread. Didn’t you order a sandwich, man?
Aaah, you did order a sandwich. Can I get you a bit of bread to go with that meat, ma’am?Perhaps I will open a pickle speak easy in my basement. Password? Squeak. BYOBREAD.

His sandwich slab could have handled an ample serving of mortar, and safely supported a cinder block bunker.
Harold’s is a not a gateway deli. It may be in Jersey, just outside Manhattan’s hard stuff, but mainlining is the only option at  this sandwich house . 
We did it. One bite at a time. Correction: Two bites at a time, we were a duo. I will keep that in mind the next time anyone tries to pressure me into hurrying. To summit a peak, you gotta take it one bite at a time, man.


4 responses to “Teetering Meat Just Off the Jersey Pike

  1. How big of a dessert plate do they serve that cake on?!

  2. Come to think of it, we did not see anyone have dessert, although we did hear about someone ordering one of those pumped up cakes for a party. I’d love one for a party. Do you think they might be styrofoam inside?

    The pickles, I know for a fact, were real. A very good range of sweetness and sourness on the pickle smorgiebord.

  3. Though I avoided the mountain sandwich, I had a tiny-in-comparison (aka normal-sized) grilled cheese, and ate a lot of the amusingly-but-aptly-named “health salad” and one half of a sour green tomato from the pickle bar. Yum.

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