Whatchama Call It

Suits-Herself Cindy made a guest appearance at Barcroft Elementary during Virginia Farm-to-School  Week as a  FreshFarm representative. She is natural at connecting with kids over a Vegetable Lunch Encounter.

I got to be a rock star in my son’s eyes because I engaged the “speakers”. He asked me to please attend, and to “pretend I don’t know him.”

The brussels sprouts display was popular, and, at the end, I had a group of kids eating raw green beans! Who says these kids don’t eat vegetables?!
I love the one of the lunch table with all the kids raising their cups of broccoli with hamburgers and chocolate milk in front of them.

I suggested that she had found her calling.

Right. I’m going to write a book called “My Five-Year-old Eats Pickled Herring.” I’ll sell it to the Swedish community.

And I do wish I knew what my calling was.

On a separate note, but thinking of food, and what to call oneself, Cindy riffed.

Oh, also, I have a new favorite condiment. My grocery store was giving it away if you bought some cheese. I never would have bought it.

It’s kind of a mayonnaise/mustard mix with some peppercorns in it. Together with the Amish bologna, it makes a very tasty sandwich. BUT, mostly the word “gourmaise” just makes me LAUGH. As I laugh I have to admit that it is really tasty (with the bologna). Yum, gourmaise.

Here’s a photo just in case you ever decide to blog about weird, made-up condiment names.

I have heard about this Amish bologna that Cindy has been fetching  from the farm market she managed on Tuesdays. Apparently she’s been ingratiating herself nicely with those farmers because she’s has been invited to “Squirrel Fest” later this month. And, she took a lift in the back of a pick up, perhaps with some bologna and squirrels along for the ride. I am hot with envy.

I believe it is my calling to post about weird made-up condiment names, so there goes. Once this is, as they call it on WordPress, published, I will have fulfilled my destiny, met my calling and can spend the remainder of my life as a diletante. Squirrel Fest attendee, rock star, Amish bologna connoisseur, undercover mother, author of “My Ten Year Old Says He is Going to Eat Salad When He is Thirteen”, and repeat snooze button pusher.


One response to “Whatchama Call It

  1. Tell Teddy that pesto is kinda close to salad.

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