The Sweetness and the Horror

Ray and Kay could trade places, to align themselves beneath their names. Or not.

The hand of Henry Darger‘s spirit must have been at work creating Kay and Ray. Darger’s work has been described as bringing to light “the sweetness and horror of childhood.” Yes.

Michael Bonesteel, the man who authored the definitive book on Darger, was a friend a long time ago and, although I have not seen Darger’s paintings since Michael introduced me to them then, maybe 30 years ago, Darger’s girls take up solid space in my memory. 

Kay and Ray’s package boasts of “prime processed lard”, a claim that is given credence by the righteous crunch within. Oh, the sweetness and horror.

Want to read about Henry Darger and see pictures? Check out



2 responses to “The Sweetness and the Horror

  1. My roommate in college was the daughter of the owners of Kay and Rays. Care packages were just giant cases of these lard filled delights. I hold them personally responsible for my “freshman 15”.

  2. Oh, were you lucky! What a “weigh” to gain: )

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