Easy Come, Easy Go? No.

Bada Bing has hit the streets of DC, with Spiedies and Cheesesteaks to eat on foot. I have never known a spiedie to appear south of Binghamton, New York. No regional dish, no matter how itty bitty or odd, is safe when a crafty entrepreneur gets a bee in his bonnet. Spiedies go south! Badabing!

Rebel Heroes went on the block soundlessly, re-emerging as The Big Cheese. When a truck as seemingly successful as Rebel Heroes stalls out, you’ve got to wonder just how freakin’ hard it must be to make a go of a wheeled lunch encounter.

Bada Bing, Big Cheese, put the pedal to the metal and may the ring of !chi-ching! be your constant soundtrack.

Thanks to Gabe Paal for keeping me current.

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