SILMLT (Sandwiches I Would Like to Make Love To, although it oughta be Sandwiches To Which I Would Like to Make Love)


Bright Young Things

Bleh, not one of my favorite acronyms, but WTF? Thanks, I think, to Michael O’Sullivan via Pat Goslee for the link.

As proprietor of this joint it is within my purview to refuse entry to anyone using coarse language, but I’m feeling all welcoming and inclusive and, well, Christmasy.

There, I did it, posted something semi-tasteless and outside of the parameters of what I would consider professional. Forgive me. The SILF link is pretty good, actually. Let’s assume the creator is young,  like twelve, and a precocious writer.

My two favorite new words, which I think could easily be used in a double entendre context connected to the acronym SILMLT are….embiggen and smallerize.

To embiggen this sandwich do as recommended by Libby of SILF, head on out to Fast Gourmet on Double U Street. Fast. You will not be smallerized by this Cuban, you will be biggerized.


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