Put a Sandwich in Someone’s Stocking

The excitement mentioned is theirs, not mine. I’m too busy being green with envy. Nah, not really. I’m excited, too! A ‘wich in every pot. Meat under every tree. Bring it on!

Thank you, Along-for-the-Ride Hei7di, for hookin’ me up with pop-meat-hipwich.

As the editor’s letter in SANDWICH #1 puts it: “The sandwich — muse, global shapeshifter, social leveler — is ultimately far more than an aggregate of bread, filling, and spread.”

Well, dang-a-clang-bang, I coulda told you that.

Meatpaper‘s special supplement makes my mouth water. Read it, then use it to wrap a greasy wich. Read, reuse, recycle.

Santa Baby, bring a little Meatpaper for me.


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