No Pr is bad pR

Yes, no PR is bad PR. One always needs PR. None is bad. And bad is not bad. Any is good. Bad is good. PR is PR. NPR is good PR.

I know timing is everything. I know Thanksgiving 2010 is long past. I could NOT get in the mood to post this in the tight sandwich of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Open space now between feasts and I am feeling all full of myself. In the mood to crow, not gobble.

America’s Test Kitchen gives Thanksgiving a makeover with NPR

More shameless self promotion from me, via NPR. Prior to Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of preparing Chris Kimball and Renee Montaigne for a cooking segment featuring revamped Thanksgiving icons – Turkey Of Course, Gravy O.C., Stuffing Naturally, Whipped Potatoes Natch, Green Bean Casserole in a Slow Cooker – brilliant!, Apple Slab Pie, also brilliant!, Pecan Pie with NO CORN SYRUP IN IT.

To my great good fortune, my earth daughter, Hannah, was visiting. There were 4 days of work on the schedule, with the clock ticking down from two days. My planner did not plan appropriately and Hannah came to my rescue. She looked so beautiful doing it, too, and she dj’d our prep. Punch Bros on the iPod. New to me. Good to hang out with these young people.

What Hannah wrote to me when the segment debuted:
The pictures from the npr thanksgiving went up and there’s a picture of my hands! I was so excited haha.

Rectangles vs. Triangles for that leftover turkey sandwich

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make as you build that leftover turkey sandwich. White or wheat? Mustard or mayo? How about cranberry sauce? One decision you’ll probably make with ease is whether to cut the sandwich into triangles or rectangles. If you go for the diagonal slice, you’re in good company. Chefs, foodies, an architect and even a mathematician all told us that diagonal rules. But why?


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