Does the right waffle know what the left wafle is doing?

Is that Wafffffffle and Wafffle? Or is it Wafle and Waefle?
Lunch Encounter – Lunch ‘n’ Counter – Luncheon Counter

The folks in charge at the Waffle Shop are doing some intentional living. The paint on the awning was recently refreshed.

The Arlandria Waffle Shop is heartbreakingly out-of-step in these parts. In DC, once you are worn in, you are worn out, or so it seems from where I sit. Sat at lunch in a bit of a cringe, expecting the wrecking ball to crash the plate glass at any moment. All I know about the original Waffle Shops, I know from personal observation over the past 40 years. We are down three, down to one. This one on Mt Vernon Avenue.

Alexandria’s Waffle shop, now a Pain Quotidien (gag) was on the optimal corner of King and Washington. I prowled there, during my junior high years, with a small gaggle of mismatched girls – we were not self-aware, styled and snarky in those dark ages of 70’s tweendom.  We skulked for boys with the Waffle Shop as our backdrop. We were too young to go in and too shy. Boys, if encountered, circled warily, too young and too shy to talk us. While the hurdle of conversation hulked between us, we longed for them to hold our hands.

One door down was the former J.C. Penney, brightly lit and safe, where we bought 1/4 pound paper bags of chocolate turtles or malted milk balls before boarding the 9A bus home. Solace and safety.

The Waffle Shop staff today is into it, nurturing the nurturance of the curved stone counter, warn-wood swivel stools, and warmly glowing yellow ceiling. Burnishing a haven.

Took their time, paid attention, used intention, a sandwich worth mention. Beautiful. Rating right up there among my ten most favorite questions, “Would you like those onions grilled?”

I’m eating your fries, I’m eating your fries, I’m eating your fries, said I. OCD much, anyone? The Waffle Shop is highly tolerant of quirks. In fact, quirks seem highly regarded. Being triangular perhaps is conducive to rejoicing in the oddness of others. Setting a very fancy banana-chocolate-strawberry-whipped cream-is-that-a-waffle-under-there the waitress hummed, “On the house.” It’s nice here in the bubble. Don’t ask why, risking a jinx and a ~pop~, just eat it up.

A mighty fine finish to a year of wonders, a year of lavishes and trials, 200 watt bulbs and power outages, soaring and creeping, and plain old walking, one ordinary step at a time. My right hand and left occasionally did not know they were connected to the same women. With an uber-waffle to fuel me, I plan to skip into 2011, bright-eyed and appetited, all limbs in sync.

How I love a handwritten receipt. And a spindel. PUNCH! A satisfying finish to an up-and-down year. Bye bye 2010. Nice to see you…..go.


10 responses to “Does the right waffle know what the left wafle is doing?

  1. YUM. On the bus, in a rush to get wherever I was headed, I resisted the urge to hop off at the “Wafle” Shop for a bite. What a mistake! Thanks for the lovely tale. I’m THERE. Soon. Definitely soon.

  2. Just beautiful, Lisa!

  3. Such elegant writing about so quotidian (sorry) a subject! Though Donkey says, “tomorrow I’m makin’ waffles,” I’ll take an American cheese omelet (talk about quo… whatever).
    As for 2010, yes, saying goodbye is one of the best things to do for it (though I did love its Roman numeral: MMX).
    I’ll be greeting MMXI in NYC with jazz-loving friends (including a sax-playing Swiss I haven’t seen in 30 years) at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola.
    A good way to hope for the best in a way better year.

  4. To all yall, thank you for clicking, reading, remarking, encouraging, noticing and feeding me. What a wonderfully fine finish to the year. So so so what I needed. Stacy, go! Laura, see you soon!

    LRoy, WHICH donkey? I would love to know. WHICH donkey?
    MMX is so remarkably beautiful – I did not take note till now. Thank you. New Year’s with Ilana (!), et al…you lucky devil. Wish I could be there, too. Please make it a must to squeeze ’em all for me. And I mean all. And I mean squeeeeeeze.

    As a recent fortune read, “Happy life is just in front of you.” Okay.

  5. Love the WAFLE Shop on Mt. Vernon! Great post as always.
    Happy New Year, my friend! See you soon.

  6. Let’s go Waffling, Liz. We will need to dress for it.
    Happy New Year! xo

  7. fabulous!
    Happy New Year

  8. And to you, Roscoe. Let’s share many a wich in 2011!

  9. Glad to see this. I used to frequent the Waffle Shop on Wisconsin Avenue ( not far from the Tenleytown Metro stop) back in the day, and pretend I was on a Kerouacian quest for American “authenticity”-a breather from the ever- present Washington self importance. This town could use more of what my late Mom used to refer to as “normal” eateries., among other things…..

  10. OH, I forgot about that one! Just updated the post. Yes, the Waffle Shop across from Sears. Used to go up that way a lot myself. We do have a shortage of “normal” eateries here. I think we might have a shortage of normalcy, Reuben.

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