Rousting Winners

Big event in the hood last October, a camping overnight at The Phoebe Hall Knipling Outdoor Laboratory

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for the $20.00.  I am going to spend1/3 save1/3 and donate1/3.  I am still thinking of what to buy and donate to.  School is O.K for now.

I am cooking eggs.  The eggs are cooking sssssllllloooowwwwwly.  The eggs smell good and warm.  The eggs worked!

My mom is doing chores.  I do not like chores.

I do not know if I will like the out door lab.  In out door lab we take hikes.  And roust winners.



Nick Dubois, Teddy Telzrow and Saleha Hoffman await the bus, October, 2010


2 responses to “Rousting Winners

  1. Success never sleeps – wake up those winners!

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