Dab Smack It!

Oliver Uberti


Need I say more? Need I say anything at all?

Suits-Herself-Cindy and I artfully melted juicepops  with Renee Comet for the book Making Juice Pops, a huge hit with the under-ten set, which was designed by Cindy. Tell you what, making a juicepop look appealing as it melts is no small task. Recreating that IT moment for the camera is a challenge, too. Several times. Why stop at twice when it’s digital, I ask you.

We put on our food enginerd hats and went to town. We were already wearing our going-to-town shoes.

Have you ever noticed that when a popsicle melts the liquid is not nearly as saturated a color as the pop itself? OF COURSE YOU HAVEN’T! Who would, other than a highly specialized food photography technician at the pinnacle of capability?

~Splatting mustard THANKS with a paint gun all over the front porch of Suits-Herself-Cindy. Cloudy with a chance of hotdogs predicted for this evening.~


2 responses to “Dab Smack It!

  1. Ah yes, controlled action. Satoshi is one of my favorite photographers that
    can really capture the art of movement. http://www.satoshinyc.com/

  2. Thanks for the comment and link. Wow! Splishitty splashitty. Makes me want to run in a fire hydrant spray.

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