The Answers to Life’s Big Questions

When is food cooking?

When is food done?

How to build a fire.

Wisdom from the Big Boys:


Note the spacing of the briquets. Slide frankfurters onto rolls. Get in the act.  A delicate golden brown. Toast on both sides. Wrap securely. Strips of bacon.


Any questions?


4 responses to “The Answers to Life’s Big Questions

  1. Very important to note that when making the “Wisconsin’s Pride,” to use *PROCESSED* American cheese.
    I thought they had more pride than that in Badgerland…

  2. Processed was just an misguided blip in Badgerland. Along with margarine, I hope. All behind us now and back to “artisanal” – or going that way anyway, I hope and hope. I recently read the label on Velveeta and, you know, it’s not that bad – basically typical cheese ingredients. They take it apart and put it back together again. Ridiculous and fantastic. Like a chemistry sludge test. Weird. Sure does melt nice. I don’t know why cows can’t make milk that produces perfectly melting cheese. What is wrong with these cows??!!

  3. If only the answers to all of life’s questions could be answered with BBQ!

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