Don’t USuper My Trip, Man

It hardly seems right to watch the Super Bowl while eating the kind of highfalutin fare that excites Michelin-starred chefs. Except this year, because the dish inflaming culinary passions is decidedly football-friendly: the sandwich.

While the word may conjure up infantile PB&Js or over-stuffed hoagies, chefs are taking sandwiches seriously, embracing their all-American familiarity while using them as a platform for global influences.

The new school of sandwiches, built around layers of highly seasoned meats that are braised or slow-cooked to fork-tenderness, ooze with just enough cheddar or pungent olive oil to be moist. They get kick from condiments such as tomato jam or Moroccan harissa.

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Honestly, does competitive cooking have to highjack everything?? I know, I know, chefs are “the new rock stars”, blah, blah, blah. We don’t need high profile chefs, people. High profile, as far as I can see, is created in the name of cash flow. You may think me a sour grapes wet blanket and that is okay. Puffed up celebrity has always made me ill at ease, particularly when it comes to food. Not that I have a gripe with any hardworking and talented chef making lots of dough. I don’t. They should. And it’s okay with me if we leave them in peace, in the kitchen, not ready for their close-up. Telegenicity is not one of my prerequisites for notoriety.

Okay, okay, I take it all back. Holy c**p these wiches look good. Still…..reading about food….sometimes it is all too much. Am I the only one who occasionally wants to head for the hills with only a bowl and spoon? Just after I watch the Packers clobber the Steelers, bratwurst in hand.

End of rant.


2 responses to “Don’t USuper My Trip, Man

  1. Love the brat photo! I still can’t believe they won. Go Pack Go!

  2. Thrilling!! What a fun Sunday night!

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