Do You Know From Scrambled Hot Dog?

Macon, Georgia


I’m doing 2 books (don’t even ask!). One is another book on hot dogs, this one on the cultural and social meaning of hot dogs stands, and the other an encyclopedia of street food around the world. Naturally half-smokes are in both. In looking around for scrambled hot dogs, your site popped up. Have you eaten them? I have in Georgia, where they’re from.  If you have, what do you think? And, are there any other DC street foods I should consider?

Anyone? DC street foods to add to Bruce’s book? First hand scrambled hot dog encounters to disclose? Step right up!

What I found on the internest about Scrambled Hot Dogs:

A scrambled dog is this. On a small flat tray (like for french fries or something) you have an opened up hotdog bun. Add chili, cut up hot dog, oyster crackers, cheese, chopped onions and some slaw. Eat with a fork.

The Columbus version is an open faced hot dog served in a ceramic tray (similar to what a banana split is served in) the hot dog is cut up.. buried in copious amounts of chili (with beans) topped with cheese, diced onions, pickle slices and oyster crackers.

Big Bad Breakfast
719 N. Lamar Blvd., Oxford, MS 38655
Has a scrambled dog called a Pylon. A mountain of griddle fried hot dogs, chili, slaw, cheddar, mustard, chopped pickles, onion, jalapenos, and oyster crackers on a sweet waffle. Sounds weird, but it is one of the things that has made them famous, and people love it. They cure their own bacon, grow their own herbs, and even have a smoke house out back.

I am always in favor of a food that includes so many toppings that if the foundation (in this case the hotdog) were forgone, you might not notice.


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