Rice is Nice/Bragging Rights

Bragging once, bragging twice.
Big, bad shot of Times Square rice.

Pat my back once, pat my back twice.
Styled this salmon on a hill of rice.

Photo by Dan Whipps


3 responses to “Rice is Nice/Bragging Rights

  1. Hurray for you – New York City and the bright lights of Broadway!
    Just like you pictured it.

    Now let’s see a Joe from the Milburn Deli up there.

  2. By the way, your top-of-page picture, with the can of Dr. B’s Cel-ray, reminds me to tell you that I recently bought a bunch of can’s of Dr. B’s Cream Soda in the ETHNIC FOODS section in a grocery store in Rhinebeck, NY. Cracked me up – and less than 100 miles from NYC.

  3. Rice, just like I pictured it, 4-foot grains! You know you’ve really made it when…… Ha ha ha.

    Next time you are in the Ethnic Section check out the Manishewitz stuff. I styled a lot of the packaging, only the pretty stuff. Ha ha ha again.

    Thanks for reading, L Roy!

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