Moast Toast Poast

Now THIS is a life well lived. Freddie Yauner (is that Yawner? as in, height of irony? unless, of course, one finds rocketing toast to be a yawner. personally, i find it fascinating. toast itself is a yawner, which is what, of course, makes it so fascinating. fascinatingly dull.) must have spent hours and hours and hours engineering a toaster that sends toast up, up and awaaaay. it does come back to earth, as almost all things do, and NOT EVEN TOASTED. Ha. That is what I call a life well lived. that part anyway.

He calls it a moaster. So brilliant it oughter shine like a toaster useta. Moaster. We all need to pay attention to our inner moaster. Shiny and brilliant and sending hot stuff into outer space.
Freddie Yauner

How many feet would a hamster fly, if a hamster could fly high? Hamsters love speeed, you know, and those critters know horizontal only, earthbound they are. Betcha, I betcha, I betcha a hamster’s tail, that any hamster worth its weight in toast would grab on tight to an opportunity to go vertical. Up, up and away.

Reach for the stars and touch the sky.


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