One Hand Eating

Koan for a sandwich: “Ah, Grasshopper,” the Zen master asks, “What is the sound of an interval?” The student answers: “The string remains silent until the bass player finishes the sandwich.”



A & M Wine Shoppe

Koans aside, it takes only one hand to eat a sandwich, provided, if the sandwich is large, that it is cut in half. Making it two. Take this as a meditation on aloneness. One hand eating a sandwich, or rather holding a sandwich – let’s be precise here since we are discussing the absoluteness of non-absolutes – is absolutely enough. And when the company is good, much more than enough.
We look like we are having a good time cause, well, we were. At least I was. My one hand was clapping. Just the one, in solidarity with Reuben, whose right hand was broken. He did not want any help. Got it.
One sandwich and another sandwich makes a pair, like a pair of bedroom slippers. On the one hand our sandwiches were on the one hand, cause Reuben was one-handed, having broken his hand. On the other hand, they needed to be a bit man-handled, gently so, with two large, gentle man-hands, cause they were large. Flat and large, like slippers, as I mentioned.

So, he did allow me to help him a tiny bit, cutting that madly flapping panini into two parts. Mine was cut to begin with by the sandwichista.
A&M has quality goods, some of them not often seen in these parts. Also, take note, fresh donuts on Saturday mornings, an experience I have yet to live.

Put A&M on your regular circuit, folks. Your procurement department will thank you. 

She constructed them single-handedly, although with good-vibe company, the furry variety. Constantly vigilant during our lunch encounter, I wonder how this business beast is getting in his full 18 hours of daily sleep.

A&M was a bit quiet in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. We loved it like that, but when you find a place you love, you better pray for a soundtrack of the cash register dinging. Idiosyncratic food shops are fewer and farther between in DC than I like to admit. Get over there, people, and shop, with 2 p’s and an e!!


2 responses to “One Hand Eating

  1. Count me in for the Saturday morning doughnut run!

  2. Let’s go! How bout next Sunday?

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