The Elephant in the Room

We meet Brooklynite Cal Elliott and the meatloaf sandwich from his restaurant, Rye, as well as La Superior‘s chef Nacxitl Gaxiola and his pambazo, a roll stuffed with chorizo, potato, salsa and Cotija cheese.
Publishers Weekly

Thank you Pub Weekly for giving me further reason to live. Further reason to live a few days in New York this spring.

I learned from Sara Dickerman, in her story Edible Art, Sandwich recipes in cookbooks chronicle an American obsession (Saveur, April 2011, The Sandwich Issue) that not a whole heck of a lot was written about sandwiches prior to the 19th century. The first published American sandwich recipe appeared in 1837 in Eliza Leslie’s Directions for Cookery. Buttered bread, mustard and thinly sliced ham. Yikes.

Was that book written for people raised by wolves? If wolves had hands, even they most certainly would put bread, butter, mustard and ham together. A plate and napkin might be less instinctive. In my book, the bottom piece of bread doubles as plate, the top doubles as napkin. That might not fly in the big apple.


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