What Have You Done for Me Lately?

My part of the totem of the economy: build a beautiful sandwich to sell a little something from  Gold Crust Baking Co., or The Palm. Pass the gold from palm to palm and spread the riches. From the bottom of the totem up, and the other way round, too.

I love to build ’em.And I love to knock ’em down.

Photos by Renee Comet


6 responses to “What Have You Done for Me Lately?

  1. lunchtime! and me with my pitiful, but delicious PB&J…

  2. Scrumdiddlieumptious…or something like that. People can take their soup and salad, I’ll have a sandwich any day. Might just have to fire up the grill tonight, enjoy the lovely weather and have some burgers.

  3. Lisa Cherkasky

    Did you do it? Was that your smoke I smelled wafting over the Pike?

  4. Lisa Cherkasky

    You can’t beat a PB and J. I could use one right now. Especially if someone would make it for me…

  5. Thomas Jefferson said that “Architecture is my delight, and putting up and pulling down are of my favorite amusements.” He spent much of his life doing just that at Monticello, devoting forty years to the almost constant modifications to his estate – not just the buildings, but the grounds, gardens, trees, paths and such (much to the chagrin of his long suffering family).

    I think Jefferson would have enjoyed building up and tearing down a sandwich as well – as one of America’s first Founding Father foodies (Fs!), he pursued wines, useful new crops, orchards, pastas, ice creams and assorted other gastronomic explorations throughout his long and productive life. Were he with us today, I’m sure he would be posting comments and commentary on Lisa’s great sandwich blog!

  6. Thanks, David. I’m so flattered:)

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