It’ll Cure What Ails You

Have you had it? Up to here and a half? I had. Some people go to Mexico, some ski, the hardcore head to a spa…

Just as spring was boinging out all over in DC, I headed north, six weeks back in time. Not a ghost of a leaf, the earth still keeping its secrets. Was it just what the doctor ordered? Yes indeed. 

Madison, Wisconsin. I took a few days to eat sandwiches, kvell with mother friends, rock n roll with The Bottle Rockets and James McMurtry, and called it taking the cure. Madison is a narrow isthmus strung between Lakes Mendota and Monona. Healing waters. Straight from the airport to The Victory  How could I not love this joint? No wifi, cell phones, ds’s or other nonsense condoned at the victory.  You know, and are overjoyed for it, that you are not in DC when there is summer sausage on the menu. Not sure the summer sausage knew what to make of the company it was keeping on my plate. Buffalo mozzarella, arugula, flat bread. Where, oh where, were the curds and the Ritz crackers? Tasty though. Not complaining.

Slight fermentation lets summer sausage stay out all summer, and gives it that slight tang that says Go Badgers!  Brilliant.   Just a few sandwich choices and not all available. Aaah, easy on the brain. I’ll have what you’re serving. Thanks much.   House made sodas. That’s what Joanie and I had. Ginger. Part of the treatment. Hallelujah, I was cured!


4 responses to “It’ll Cure What Ails You

  1. kitchensquater

    Great post Lisa. Like the vintage / retro look of the place. Looks like the weather cooperated too…

  2. Lisa cherkasky

    It was warm and bright….and then there was gorgeous snow!

  3. Yum, I want to go to there! Maybe this summer when we’re in Madison. Perhaps even pick up a tee…Victory Was Mine!

  4. Graze is great, too – it is L’Etoile’s casual restaurant, and Madison Sourdough is fabulous. I’ve got posts and pictures coming. The bread at Madison Sourdough is excellent. Oh and you HAVE to go to Mickie’s Tavern. It is so so stylin’ and the food is terrific. Chris will love it, too.

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