Shewarnedme There Would Be No Bread for Shewarma

My friend  Renee went to Israel with her husband, to visit their son.

I asked for pictures of shewarma.

She said, “Is it a sandwich without the bread? I know I promised you some sandwich photos but it is Passover.

And I said, “Yes. It is a promise sandwich.”

“I uploaded some sharwarma photos in your drop box sans the bread.”
Now she’s thinking in  French in Israel. That poor girl is so confused. 

“For me it is all about the sides, which I know you would love – salty and tart!”

Yes, I most certainly would. She knows what I like.

“We stopped at this place on our way to Bet She’an. Dov (Renee’s 18-year-old son) thinks you really need the bread.”

Dov is the very same boy who once complained that his bag lunch did not “have an entrée” when his mother failed to include a sandwich. I hear you, Dov! Speaking from this perspective –  the mothering POV – a lunch of all sides does not look bad. I do that myself, pack the boy a plethora of snacks and sides, hoping he won’t notice that the lunch plate has no center. 

And, is bread mandatory? When you are eighteen, or eight, or any age around which the universe revolves, black is black and white is white. A sandwich has bread. Period. I hear you. But I don’t alway comply. Sometimes I slip in a bit of the grey area, a lunch with no entree or, getting really crazy, ask him to make his own lunch. Bit by bit, step by step, bite by bite, shepherding those boys along the road to adulthood, where black is rarely black and white is rarely white, but a promise is always a promise.


3 responses to “Shewarnedme There Would Be No Bread for Shewarma

  1. kitchensquater

    Is that lemon confit or summer squash in a red sauce melange at top? “No entree in his lunch bag”. What a hoot! The boy will go far I wager. Grant Achatz might need another commis…

  2. They are preserved lemons with a mild harissa. More tart than spicy:)

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