The World is Round

Global Show and Tell
One of my plum projects of 2010, A World of Flavor, kept me up to my elbows in lamb chops, loins, legs and shanks for a week last summer. Renee Comet‘s photos for the book are gorgeous and I was proud to be a part of the process.

This week I will be working with Australian lamb again, just a couple shots, not a book.  I’m always bedazzled by the way Australian recipes blend European, Southeast Asian, American and you-name-the-locale ingredients in ways that seem uniquely Australian. Fresh, bright flavors over foundations of flavor layering.

Cooking and styling last summer for A World of Flavor made food look new to me again, similar to the days when I was a bright, young thing honing my chops on the line at Le Pavillon, Restaurant Nora and The Tabard Inn. Everything was new, cooking was exciting, I did it with relish at work and home.

These days I still get excited about food and cooking, but not as readily. I feed off the energy of other cooks and, as the stylist, am often the only cook in the room. Not so with the Australian lamb people. Now they can cook. In circles.

And circling the globe, too.


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