Vanity Plate (if it had a plate)

I got the sandwich ready for its close up. She took the picture. There are no words. Possibly, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Thanks to The Sublime Miss M for the youtube link.


9 responses to “Vanity Plate (if it had a plate)

  1. The mess looks like it’s way worth it!

  2. Wow! Are those beets? I want to eat the picture!

  3. Those are beets. Typical in Australia, so I hear.
    Thanks, Heather!

  4. Truly a tower of beauty.

  5. The beets surprised me too. Pickled, right? I’m not sure about that….

  6. Nope, not pickled. Least I don’t think so. That would be delicious for me cause I love anything pickled. I don’t think they do it like that in Australia, not typically anyway.

  7. How’d you get the egg dribble?? Looks dribblicious!

  8. I think I made some coddled eggs, let them cool and then took out the yoke and put it in a squirt bottle:)

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