Toast Poast Number Puzzling it Out


From the mouths of babes. In my case, from the pencil of an eleven-year-old.

He took a workshop called “Puzzling It Out” and brought home everything I have ever needed to know.


The steps to reach the higher ground of buttered toast are these:
1. Start on the back of the paper.
2. Go deep into your fantasies.
3. Draw upon a wide and deep scope of powers.
4. Put it down on paper. In detail. Press hard on the lead. Full speed towards collective fantastical unconscious.
5. Now. Sharpen your pencil, sharpen your focus and take your intellect for a circle around the Venn Diagram.
6. Follow the instructions. With detours. Take time for a nice lunch.
7. Pay attention to your instincts. If you need to ask for directions, ask. Then steep outside information in your personal brew.
8. Look for your destination at the intersection of preparedness and opportunity. Hot toast and available butter.
9. Turn in. Hard. Gravel flying.

Puzzles, mysteries, queries, questions melt. For a minute. Butter on Toast.


2 responses to “Toast Poast Number Puzzling it Out

  1. These musings should all find their way to This Amer. Life or some such, cuz this is pure joy to enjoy.

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