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Fundamentally hip Brooklynite Mick encountered a noteworthy lunch at
The Pied Piper, sending a smoke signal up to me.

“I was in Nashville recently,” writes Mick, “and couldn’t find a diner for hours after arriving. Finally I was given directions to The Pied Piper Eatery. Apparently chains have run nearly all diners out of that town. The Pied Piper is relatively new, with quirky owners who have decorated the dining room around Brit new wave.” A Brit himself, Mick was charmed.

“The menu is on a faux lp, its sleeve printed with a short biography of the Pied Piper. This spot is a lotta fun, common in groovy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not so much in Nashville.”

“A review for you:”

Comfy, vinyl large-backed booths…a hot mug of coffee, a towering diner portion of cola in a perfect glass with gracious bubbles, a Kitchen Sink Omelette, a side of sausage, a nice veggie menu (with many choices!) for my pal…and well, what’s not to like? I like it all!
*Breakfast served all day long. (woo).
*Kitschy record menus.
*Friendly service.
*Reasonable prices (my KS ommie was $12, but included toast, side of meat AND hashbrowns).
*Great place to sit and chill out, work.
*Easy parking.

Great spot for breakfast in Nashville…a diner with a fun little twist.

Colleen C, NYC


One response to “Follow Me

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! As Southerners, we are often scorned by our Yankee neighbors for our lack of “authentic” diners, so this review was especially touching. So glad we could rate a mention, much less such a glowing one. Now ya’ll come on down here and see for yourself!

    -Becky Piper, owner

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